Contract Type


We are pleased to offer examples of consulting contracts for our company. We can also provide
custom plans by request for client companies, public organizations, and all types of research facilities.


A: Yearly-based consulting Plan


Contract term Yearly term.
Contract fee Monthly fee at 4,500 USD/month. Daily based fee also available at 1,500 USD/day. (expenses not included).
  • Advice related to inquiries.
  • Monthly meetings for exchange of information.
  • Updating of new technologies (including those of research institutes, and venture companies in the US & Japan).
  • Following up on introduced projects.
  • Silicon Valley investment information, capital market information, overseas market, technology, and company visit (approximately once a year according to needs).

B: Special Assignment Consulting Plan


Contract term Any period available (from a few months to some years)
Contract fee Depends on case (Appropriate term and consultant fees set for each case) Estimates available at no cost. Please feel free to contact us.
Contents Examples include: evaluation and consultation for strategic deals for instance, M&A

C: Entrepreneurial Guidance Program


Contract term Normally six (6) months
Contract fee Depends on training type and number of members required.
Contents Curriculums include:

  • Monthly lectures such as: presentations by outside experts; experiences of real entrepreneurs; and experts’ comments and explanations on processes from R&D to actual business. Speakers can be invited from overseas if necessary. Overseas company visit, inspection, and others.
  • One-time lectures and intensive courses also available on request.

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