Our major services include supporting commercialization through designing and planning businesses to meet global market requirements, introducing new technologies, supporting M&A and joint ventures, and providing innovative technologies.

Examples of our representative services:
  • Introducing new potential technologies
  • Evaluating new innovative technologies
  • Developing business strategies and providing consultation
  • Supporting negotiations for M&A, joint ventures, and licensing
  • Supporting and providing consultation vis-à-vis management of new companies and new businesses
  • Supporting capital procurement and introducing potential investors for start-up companies
  • Managing intellectual property and patents, Intellectual property search “IPSAR” (Intellectual Property Strategic Analysis Report)
  • Providing and supporting education and training programs for global business persons and entrepreneurs

Focal Industries

Lithium-ion batteries, photovoltaic cells, solar power plants, EDLC, fuel cells, and other energy-related services. Comprehensive energy management, displays, LEDs, medical devices, water treatment, and other high-tech fields and advanced materials. Nano-materials, ion liquid, and ion-liquid related high-function materials.


US (especially, Silicon Valley), Japan, Europe, India, Singapore, Korea, China, Taiwan, and others.